Our philosophy is that each individual and group constitutes an important addition to Groundworks' mission and development.

List of current and past partners:

Florence Aigner (Polymorfilms, Belgium)

Simon Arazi (Editor, Belgium)

Mohamed Cherif (Nass, Morocco)

Achraf Derouech (Anatis Flumen, Morocco)

Mohamed Fariji (Atelier de l'Observatoire, Morocco)

Flore Grassiot (Collectif Topoï, France)

Igor Matonda (University of Kinshasa, DRC)

Olivier Mulumbwa Luna (University of Lubumbashi, DRC)

Clément Mambu (IMNC, DRC)

Georges Senga (Photographer, DRC)

Alexandre Smith (Africa Museum, Belgium)

Groundworks is coordinated by Noemie Arazi. Noemie was trained as an archaeologist and holds a PhD from University College London. She has been working in the heritage sector since more than fifteen years. She is an associated researcher at CReA (Centre de Recherche en Archéologie et Patrimoine, ULB).