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Our philosophy is that each individual and group constitutes an important addition to Groundworks' mission and development.

List of current and past partners:

Florence Aigner (Polymorfilms, Belgium)

Simon Arazi (Editor, Belgium)

Mohamed Cherif (Nass, Morocco)

Achraf Derouech (Anatis Flumen, Morocco)

Mohamed Fariji (Atelier de l'Observatoire, Morocco)

Flore Grassiot (Collectif Topoï, France)

Dinnie Martin (Paradocs, Belgium)

Igor Matonda (University of Kinshasa, DRC)

Olivier Mulumbwa Luna (University of Lubumbashi, DRC)

Clément Mambu (IMNC, DRC)

Georges Senga (Photographer, DRC)

Alexandre Smith (Africa Museum, Belgium)

Groundworks is coordinated by Noemie Arazi. She studied archaeology at University College London. Her first trip to Mali in 1996 brought her into close contact with the rich cultural and archaeological heritage of that country. She pursued her doctoral studies for which she focused on the devleoppment of one of the most ancient urban sites in the Inland Niger Delta. Her practice usually combines archaeological data with the collection of oral histories and memories, participant observation and archival research. More recently she has focused on cultural heritage preservation in connection with infrastructure and mining projects. This has brought her face to face with the large-scale destruction of heritage resources resulting from economic development. In 2016 she founded Groundworks to widen reflection and activate access to heritage and history. She currently works at the Africa Museum in Tervuren (Belgium) as part of the project Congo-Arab Heritage in Historical Narratives.

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