Engaging with diverse partners for participatory heritage processes.


Groundworks focuses on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the past and present involving for instance archaeology and history, architecture, food, music, collective and personal memories. The guiding threat remains heritage in all its diversity.


To realize our commitment for inclusivity we seek to engage in participatory heritage processes with partners from various backgrounds, be they resident communities, researchers, artists, computer specialists, heritage agencies, social workers, environmentalists, private companies or public structures.


Groundworks proposes varied activities and services reflecting the myriad uses, needs and perspectives on heritage.  


Our aim is to engage in multidisciplinary actions spanning from research, exhibitions, participatory mapping to photography, documentary film, digital media, etc. 

We also propose services such as heritage assessments and evaluations, hosting and administrative support for individuals and groups seeking to realize a heritage-themed project, as well as training and seminars.